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How to get a graduate job with ALDI

Vanessa Tobias

Careers Commentator
With our insider tips from our graduates who’ve successfully navigated the path before you, you could be the next Aldi Area Manager Superstar!

ALDI – known for witty ads and super cheap prices, the global discount supermarket chain has seen rapid growth in Australia since launching in 2001. With over 450 stores and 10,000 employees here alone, ALDI's known for its pretty impressive pay (yes, please!), massive benefits and career development opportunities.

There are plenty of positions open to people from many walks of life. For university graduates, they offer an 18-month graduate training program designed to turn you into the leader of tomorrow. You’ll learn all facets of the business and fast-track your career into area management. This will see you be running 3-5 stores in a multi-million dollar business as if it were your own!

Have you graduated with a Bachelor or Master's Degree in any discipline, with demonstrated academic excellence along the way? With our insider tips from our graduates who’ve successfully navigated the path before you, you could be the next Aldi Area Manager Superstar!

1. Really, Really Want It!

If you want to be rewarded with market-leading remuneration, comprehensive training, career growth opportunities and a truckload of other benefits then you’re going to have to really want it. We mean, really really want it! Because it’s not going to be easy.

To be recruited into the program you’ll go through a number of interviews via phone, video, group and several one-on-one situations. You'll participate in online assessments, team-building exercises, medicals, aptitude tests, psychological testing and more, over a number of months. You’re going to need to really want it and do the hard yards to get there.

Here's what our grad's said;

“Over a few months, I participated in phone interviews, video interviews, video responses, group interviews, medical, aptitude tests, and a final one-on-one interview.”

- Executive, VIC

“The interview process is very thorough. There is an online assessment, phone interview, Skype interview, group interview, team building exercise, individual interview, pre-employment medical, an interview with an Area Manager to approve suitability for the role, an aptitude test and another final individual interview with the Managing Director.”

- Entry level, QLD

2. Go The Extra Mile...

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, go the extra mile right from the beginning. ALDI rewards initiative and leadership skills, so prove you have them right from the start during the procurement process.

Whether it's getting in touch with your local area manager to use as a mentor. Or visiting all the stores around your location. Or even using Linkedin to network with those in the industry, do something different than the other candidates to show you have the resourcefulness and capabilities they are after;

“Communication and how you present yourself is very important. Clear, concise and confident responses. Do your research on the company and speak with an Area Manager before the interview process. Most importantly be humble in your approach.”

- Midlevel, VIC

“Be prepared. Arrive early and always wear a suit. Think about your management history and what you pride yourself on. What can you bring to the business? Make sure you do your research on ALDI. Know what the core values are and decide whether you can align yourself to these. Visit a store before attending an interview.”

Experienced, SA

- Midlevel, NSW

3. Dress To Impress...

Obviously, you know not to attend an interview wearing a singlet and ripped jeans. However, in this era where a lot of organisations are playing it cool and casual, sometimes it’s hard to navigate when to rock your hipster best or come in your dad's borrowed tuxedo.

ALDI is not the place to dress down. They look for professionalism in everything they do, so you should be well-groomed and professional in your appearance. Wear your best suit or your most corporate outfit and pay attention to details, like ensuring there are no runs in your stockings and your shoes are polished, etc -

“ALDI looks for professionalism and leadership. Candidates should be well groomed and have attention to detail. During interviews, candidates should demonstrate their leadership experience and skills. As well as this, candidates need to show their organisational skills and adaptability.”

- Midlevel, NSW

“Dress in a corporate manner. Ensure your answers show good examples and highlight your experience. Using the SMART format is the most effective.”

- Midlevel, VIC

4. Learn the ALDI Story...

Before attending any interview with any company you will have researched as much as possible about who they are, what they stand for, their culture and their values.  But with ALDI, it’s important to delve further into their history to understand who they are, today.

The ALDI story is a fascinating one. From humble beginnings with the first store opening in Germany in 1913, the global mega-chain now has over 10,000 stores in 18 countries. Understanding their culture and how they did this will prepare you for what's expected from you when you're there.

“Preparation is key. Understanding the business, history, and goals will put you in a good position. Furthermore understanding the role itself will provide an insight into what the business is looking for and providing confidence responses in how you can assist with this will be beneficial.”

- Experienced, VIC

“Learn about the history of ALDI, be prepared to work hard and be prepared to relocate. As long as you are up for a challenge and are able to proactively put plans into place to improve your area of work, you will be successful.”

- Graduate, VIC

5. Didn’t get in? Apply through other means…

If you didn't receive the entry into the graduate program, this doesn't have to end your ALDI dream. ALDI offers a wealth of opportunities in various positions and various locations around the world.

If you're willing to work hard and be outstanding in everything you do, starting in any store position can see you climbing the career ladder just as you were in the graduate program. For instance, if you received employment in a retail position you can grow to store management trainee, assistant store manager to store manager and keep climbing to area management.

“Given the current growth of Aldi, there is the opportunity to progress. However, I would expect that this process would be similar to that when applying - you have to be exceptional at what you do and be willing to work hard.”

- Graduate, ACT

“You need to excel in your role but also display the competencies of the position. There are multiple positions to move into in varied areas of the business, each requiring different skill sets.”

- Midlevel, VIC